Hey there! I'm Dinah

Ready to start building high quality relationships?  Then you're in the right place.


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Hey there! I'm Dinah

Ready to start building high quality relationships? Then you're in the right place.

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I've got a lot to show you.

My name is De'Nisha "Dinah" Beasley, MSW, MA. I have 14+ years of professional experience helping people build strong, healthy and happy relationships. I have worked as a counselor and restorative practitioner to help individuals build stronger relationships by teaching skills to improve communication, resolve conflict and build resilience in families, communities, schools and workplaces across the United States.

I am extremely passionate about restorative practices which is the science that studies how to improve and repair relationships and communities because it changed my life and transformed my relationships. 

Before being trained in restorative practices and trauma-informed approaches, I thought being a a good friend or family member meant being non-confrontational and keeping my feelings to myself to avoid conflict.

When I learned about restorative practices, I realized that staying silent doesn’t keep the peace – it doesn’t address issues, which causes more problems in the long run. I learned how to communicate effectively, confront and address conflict, then heal from it; a skill that many people do not know how to do.

Now, I've made it my life's mission to show others these restorative strategies that have the power restore and reshape all types of relationships. It is my way of spreading a little healing everywhere.

I presently serve the University of California (UCLA) as a Curriculum Developer/Trainer and I devote my expertise to train service providers on delivering trauma-informed care and restorative practices to their clients. I derive my greatest inspiration from the powerful testimonies, moving transformations, and stimulating experiences that inspire me to reach more people and bring positive changes in others’ lives.

When I'm not saving relationships, you can find me at the laying out at the beach, watching re-runs of A Different World or teaching young girls the art of ballet.

I look forward to working with you and the relationships you care most about:)

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I created a 6-Week training program designed to help you restore and reshape your relationships. 


I will teach you restorative communication strategies designed to uplevel the communication and understanding in your relationships.




I will provide you with team building exercises and educational techniques to strengthen your relationships and build relationship resilience.


I will teach you strategies to build your emotional intelligence, improve active listening skills, resolve conflict and repair harm in your relationships.

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