Our transformative 6-Week Relationship Restoration Program is designed to help you restore and reshape your relationships, uplevel your communication skills, understand and manage your emotions, learn conflict resolution strategies and build relationship resilience. 

A Training for 


A relationship training for parents, couples, co-parents, friends and everyone in between.


Learn restorative communication techniques to communicate in a way that promotes understanding, empathy and connection in your relationships.


 Grab a partner and go through a series of team building exercises, games, activities and educational techniques to strengthen your relationships and build relationship resilience.


Learn strategies to build your emotional intelligence, improve active listening skills, address conflict and repair harm in your relationships.

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Hi! My name is Dinah and I help people heal, restore and build high quality relationships which are key elements to a happy and healthy life. I have 14 years of experience working as a Master’s level social worker, counselor, restorative communication coach, and trauma-informed trainer. I used my education and experience to create CR3 Relationship Solutions and  I would love to share some of the skills I've learned with you!


More About Dinah

CR3 Communication Course

Our 6-week self-paced restorative communication course will provide you with new techniques to improve your communication skills and relationship connection.

CR3 Relationship Consulting

You will consult with a CR3 Relationship Consultant to receive educational content and guided facilitation to take your communication to the next level. Click Here to learn more. (Relationship Consulting is not included with the purchase of the course.)

CR3 Community Support

You will have access to a community dedicated to supporting and encouraging you on your Crossover journey. 

What can you expect from  CR3 Crossover Training System?

The Crossover Training System will equip you with the skills to restore broken relationships and build healthy, happy interpersonal connections with the people you care about.



You’ll strengthen your relationships and learn some fun new ways to connect.

Educational Videos

You’ll receive direction instruction from your CR3 Coach in videos that fit your lifestyle. 

Hands-On Learning

You’ll receive guidance on how to to apply your knowledge learned and build your relationships in real time.



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  • CR3Ā  Communication Course
  • CR3 RelationshipĀ Video Coaching
  • Community Forum Support
  • and so much more!
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Rebecca Fisher, MS, LPCC

As a licensed counselor and credentialed school psychologist, the CR3 Crossover System had a profound impact. It also helped me reframe my most troublesome personal relationships, reducing anger and hurt, and helped promote peace and clear communication within my home. It is engaging and interactive, led by a lovely inside and out professional who is articulate, personable and caring.

Tony and Renee Reborn

We decided to start CR3 Crossover System after a very rough patch in our marriage. We really appreciated the questions and activities which prompted transparent conversations. We were challenged to define terms we use regularly which helped us realize areas where we were not in sync. This course offers a blueprint for learning to communicate without reverting to the unhealthy communication patterns of our past.

Toi Creel

The CR3 techniques and the teachings led by Dinah helped change my life. I was having a truly difficult time understanding a friend. Our relationship had gotten so bad we could barely get to the point we were civil. Using the techniques and methods of thinking I was able to set my emotions aside and work to understand what was the goal of our interactions. It overall led to better communication and saved a relationship that I thought was unredeemable. I love this method. It has helped me so much!

Alaina Aaron, M.A

I decided to sign up for Crossover System training to expand my methodology with my clients. As a licensed counselor, I believe in the importance of eclecticism. I am fortunate to use this method with couples as well as clients who struggle with boundaries. The CR3 also provides a way of communication that allows both parties involved to understand on a basic level what is being asked or shared. I highly recommend this training!